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10 Ways to Make Cool Graphic T-Shirts


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1. CONFUSED. Create graphic shirt designs that force people to see again. This can be a simple design, but one that's too silly to not see one more time, or something that is so difficult to decipher but interesting enough that people continue to see your body as they speak. The graphic shirts that interest me most are those that have uppercase letters to get you started reading but contain lowercase kickers that you must read closely to find out. Treat graphic shirts like billboards on subways: if people don't feel confused, they probably won't try and find out what the other tees are saying. Another way to confuse people is to use graphic designs that don't make sense. One t-shirt that I saw showed a triangle trying to escape from the multi-colored bars. It didn't make sense, but it definitely forced me to see it.

2. FUNKIFY. Make a graphic shirt that has funk written on it. Not literally. This is a trend for now, but this is an effective way to make cool T-shirts. Take cartoons - for example, an astronaut who listens to the boom box - add some color behind it, with a touch of the 80s - and you will have a graphic tee that looks funky. Curved letters, hot colors, simple designs can all give you a funky feel. Design your graphic shirt when you listen to Maceo Parker and it will help too.

3. GO RETRO. Bring back to the past with a graphic tee design that reminds people of another era. Nowadays, the 80s are hot. Until recently, it was the 70s. What does this mean? Many color schemes are used too much to produce letters, 3-D effects, star rock band t-shirt designs, and Madonna. American Eagle has used many designs that look retro on its clothes, using depressed screens to print some of them so they have an old look. Their designs are getting older, now graphic t-shirts are cooler when they are seen from the 80s.

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4. BECOME IRONISTS. T-shirt designs are simple enough that people can interpret and don't suit the situation. Surrealists are masters of this. Follow Duchamp's instructions and design a graphic t-shirt that says something that is clearly not true or does not make sense. Retro-irony used to be funny but is now used less frequently. By a retro irony, I mean an old ad that has a new meaning today. Some graphic shirts still have this design.


5. BE NOT SOMETHING. Take a general graphic shirt design and do something else with it. Take the designs that people usually use - for example, rainbows - and make drops like wet paint. Take the unicorns and show them having sex. Whatever it is, make sure it comes up with creative thinking. Your tee should send a message that is not lost in translation, which breaks some obstacles.

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6. BE SILLY. Graphic tee design that will make everyone smile. A group of fingers in a hand visit their injured thumb, a bear watches TV in the middle of the forest, tells a stupid raisin to stay away from your cakes, and two lemons help another lemon cut in half, carry it on a stretcher ... (lemon help ). Silly graphic shirts convey messages easily and effectively, often without being offensive, which is a good quality to have. It's too easy to make offensive graphic shirts.

7. MAKE IT SIMPLE. Simplicity in graphic shirts can sometimes be the most effective tool for delivering messages - if you have one. Graphic tees can be made just to look cool, and not convey any message. A giant circle with patches of paint around it, or just an ordinary vector image that doesn't really say more than "I like color." Sometimes one or two words will do the job. Being blurry is important in graphic shirts to attract interest and simplicity is the key to being blurred.

8. TALK ABOUT YOURSELF Graphic shirts that make fun of others are easy to design. But what's even more interesting is mocking yourself. I have seen some funny variations on that idea. There are a lot of shirts out there that make jokes about the wearer. Of course, you can always wear a graphic shirt that says something about you without doing it directly. If you wear a skull t-shirt, it can indicate that you like gothic.

9. USE 3-D. The three-dimensional graphic shirt is part of the return to the 50s with an additional dose of Warhol. This graphic tee doesn't always work if you wear 3-D glasses, but of course, you have to understand it. The main use of this type of graphic T-shirt is on gangster-type tees that show explicit scenes that are better left in 3-D.

10. CALLS FOR ATTENTION. You can make someone see your graphic shirt in various ways. You can attract their attention with arrows because usually, it means you show something around them that they might be able to connect. You can overcome this by using "you" on your graphic shirt. However, it must involve your audience in several ways.

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