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Explaining the Vintage Fashion Hype

Explaining the Vintage Fashion Hype
Fashion has always been a quite particular phenomenon, from ancient times till today. The introduction of the internet to our world and especially the emergence of various fashion blogs have catalyzed the coming of new fashion trends, so that nowadays they tend to change faster than ever before. But one trend which has surfaced some years ago shows a lot of persistence: vintage fashion. But why do people prefer to buy old and used clothes rather than new pieces? Some argue that their major concern is sustainability, since environmental issues have become more and more important to them with the rise of global warming. Others buy vintage fashion because they are looking for unique pieces that they would not be able to find in an ordinary fashion chain store. Especially watches like those by Jaeger-LeCoultre have become quite popular as a vintage fashion accessory because they are both precious and timeless.

How to Wear it
Some vintage styles you can find on the most popular fashion blogs are quite dared and often worn by extravagant people who want to attract attention with their styles. Those outfits are not always wearable in everyday life but they can serve as an inspiration for one’s own vintage style. One item that can be found in the closet of almost every fashion victim are tatty vintage shorts that are often combined with more classy pieces like colorful tops and stylish watches that upgrade the whole outfit.

Some fashion items even look better when they’re vintage; the classic trench coat for example never gets out of style and some vintage pieces even look better than new models. Even celebrities have discovered the vintage styles for themselves and are often spotted in clothes that surely didn’t cost them much but that add an individual value to their style.

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