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How Men Can Look Best in Their Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts for men have gone beyond trends into long-term fashion trends. Like classic blue jeans, T-shirts for most men are items that "enter" into their wardrobe, and they have infiltrated the world of style so well that it can now be worn in various ways, by men of various ages. Graphic shirts are universally attractive because they're relatively cheap, comfortable, don't have to be ironed, and you can easily revitalize your clothes by occasionally adding a few new ones.

 The most commonly used graphic tees for men are limited to several colors. Bright colors paired with darker and neutral colors give you the most flexibility, but sometimes you will see multi-colored graphic tees that you really like, and that's good. Keep in mind that the more colors your tees shake, the more they will stand out from the rest of your clothes.

 With graphic shirts for men, pay attention to their compatibility. It should be long enough to end up in the middle of your jeans zipper. It should be just right, but it's not tight unless you're showing off your muscular arms and chest. As for what will be worn with your graphic tee, you have many choices. Many men wear open sport coats with graphic tees, because if they effectively frame the graph. Jackets like that must be classic and simple.

Other good items to pair with your graphic tee include gray jeans or corduroy pants, sleek blue jeans, and canvas shoes. You can dress up a little by choosing black twill pants or black jeans. Instead of a blazer, you can coat it with a classic long-sleeved shirt open. If it's warm enough, you can get rid of the extra layers at once. One thing that you don't want to do with graphic tees (or other clothing, for that matter) is to wear big and thick jewelry around your neck unless you happen to be Jay Z.

When caring for your graphic tees, it's not difficult, but there are some guidelines to help them look longer. First, if you have a black graphic tee, wash it with cold water. If you don't mind using things that your mother or your boyfriend uses to wash "delicate ingredients" better than standard detergents. If you have several black shirts, black jeans, and other black clothes, make black things and use cold water. As for the settings on your dryer, in general, a low heat setting is better for your tee than a higher heat setting.

With 100% cotton tees, again, cold water is easier for them, and the more heat you set your dryer, the faster they will lose their shape. If you can let your tee hang on a drying rack for a few  hours, and then finish it with 20 minutes with a low flame in the dryer, they will thank you for longer. Remove from the dryer as soon as possible after finishing to prevent wrinkles from entering.

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