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Mens Fashion Show – Ports 1961

Mens Fashion Show – Ports 1961 Mens Fashion Show – Ports 1961

Ports 1961 has stores in France, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and 11 in China. You can also purchase their clothing and accessories online at select stores.
This men’s fashion show had a lot of variables and styles to choose from in mens clothing. I really liked how they showcased the pairing of the dress shirts with the tie, then wore a crewneck shirt over the tie and finished off the look with an overcoat. I felt that it looked great and the crewneck held the tie nice and flat instead of flopping around. This look made it look crisp and sharp without a suit coat. I have always liked just a plain solid colored crewneck shirt with a suit coat as well. Another fashion statement that I noticed was the military style overcoat that more fashion designers are incorporating in their fashion lines for men these days. The grey suit with the rust colored v-neck cardigan was sharp over a white dress shirt and tie. This is about half way through. If anyone knows what type of collar the last model had on before they all appeared again towards the end of the show, please share with us so a lot of us can learn what the proper name is. The only real negative thoughts on the whole clothing line that I could come up with are my own fashion tastes on some of the outfits, so I will not comment on them. Overall I thought the clothing line was in excellent fashion taste with an big emphasis on layering for the cold weather, and quite a few variations of styles to pick from. If you have any comments on Ports 1961 clothing line or the video, please feel free to discuss the post at hand with us.

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