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Spice Up Your Wardrobe And Your Life

Spice Up Your Wardrobe And Your Life Tee ModeSpice Up Your Wardrobe And Your Life

Are you thinking about whether to buy a corset or not? It is one of those things that is quite a big step for women to make, but that once taken you will not look back from. In this article I will try and explain why some women find it so difficult to make that first step into the world of corsetry. One thing you can be sure of is once you have started wearing corsets you won’t want to stop.

It is surprising how many of us are very traditional when it comes to our lingerie choices. Many women stick to bra and pant sets and quite often do not even vary from the black, white or natural colours.

The sexiest piece of lingerie in many of our wardrobes is often a gift that has never seen the light of day – maybe something like stockings and suspenders.

So what is it that stops us taking that first step into the world of beautiful and sexy lingerie?

Well, for many of us it is that old bug bear which is how we feel about our bodies and how we look. Most of us hate some part of our body or wish that we could make some changes; bigger/smaller breasts, slimmer thighs or a flatter belly…and the list goes on. This thought process has an impact on what we wear and how we present ourselves.

At the back of our minds is the feeling that we are not sexy enough to wear sexy lingerie and that if we stick to the mundane and day to day underwear we are used to then no-one is going to laugh at us for thinking otherwise.

Of course that is going to be the last thing on the mind of anyone who gets close enough to be looking at our underwear, but still our mind works in strange ways. So instead of enhancing what nature has provided us with we dress it down with dowdy, plain garments in the hope that we will not attract any attention.

Well ladies, it is time to change the way we think and I don’t say that lightly because I know how difficult it is to break out of your normal thought patterns. But it is time we started thinking about ourselves before we think about others. And by that I mean, we should want to feel sexy and attractive for our own sake, not for others.

We know that we are pretty much stuck with what we have been given body-wise, so now is the time to make the most of what we have got. After all we do this with everything else don’t we? We might not like our hair or complexion but we go all out to make it look as good as we can using different colour, style or make-up.

So come on ladies – let’s have a look at what corsets can do for our self-esteem and sensuality. There are so many styles to choose from that no matter what size or shape we are, there is something that will look good and make us feel feminine and sexy.

Corsets accentuate the good bits about our bodies, slimming the waist and enhancing cleavage to make us feel that little bit more curvaceous in the right places.

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